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California Building Innovations is Southern California’s trusted contractor for converting garages. If you’ve been wanting to remodel your garage into something different, let our experienced team help you out.

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Benefits of Garage Conversion

Support & Protect Your Growing Family

Families all over Southern California use our expert team to expand the livable space in their homes, ensuring that housing codes are met, and keeping safety top of mind when growing their dream space.

Turn Clutter Into Cash

Tourism is hot right now in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, and the home-sharing rental industry is growing fast. Take advantage of this business trend and supplement your income by converting your garage into a comfortable, livable room.

Save Money & Work From Home

With gas and work space rental prices on the rise, people are looking into creating a home office that will offer the flexibility of working from home, but keeps them away from distractions in the house. A converted garage is the perfect place for an office.

Stay In Compliance & Enjoy the New Space

Our experienced team of engineers and contractors are familiar with Southern California building codes. We can help you secure the correct permits so that you can stay in compliance and focus on your new room and enjoy your living space.

Every second you wait, you are losing money!

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We Offer Financing

Let us help you finance your garage conversion! Enjoy all the benefits without breaking the bank, such as:

  • Increased your cash flow by using the bank’s money, not yours
  • Rent out your converted studio to let your tenant pay down your loan

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